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"Always fight for those who can not fight for themselves", are the words you will hear and see demonstrated by Albany, Georgia native Manswell Peterson. Raised by a single mother who suffered through an addiction to crack cocaine, he learned at an early age that if he wanted to survive, he had to fight and learn to win. When you are born to fight, it is who you are. As a former Master-at-Arms in the United States Navy, he served our country during the first war in Desert Storm. As a former Senior Corporal with the Albany Police Department, he fought to prevent crime and promote security while supervising and maintaining legal and ethical compliance amongst employees and citizens.


As an assistant teacher at Troy University, he fought to educate students who pursued careers in criminal justice. Even in his leisure time, Manswell fought to support our youth by volunteering as a basketball coach and mentor for the YMCA, Albany Elite Sports and Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga.  He consistently finds ways to aid the community. He has hosted a plethora of drives to provide food and clothing along with providing dedicated political support to candidates for office. He is a 2011 graduate of Troy University in Alabama where he received his degree in criminal justice. Who is Manswell Peterson? A man who is no stranger to the fight. A man who will continue to represent the people and their place at the table.

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